Until today Benji would always stay within 2 feet of me or my wife.  For the first time ever Benji decided it was time to start checking out the rest of our bedroom.  My computer is up in our bedroom so every night and weekend Benji and I spent most of our time together there.  In most cases he just spends his time on my lap and jump back and forward from my lap to the chair next to me where he has a little basket with toys in it.  Today Benji actually jump on the floor several times to check out the rest of his surroundings.  He’s still trying to play with the cats but in most cases the cats just leave after a while or give him a slap on the wrist.  They’re pretty gentle about it but at that time Benji knows it’s time to leave them alone.

He’s also starting to eat more and more solids.  He loves green beans but isn’t to sure about oranges yet.  He also likes peanuts and bananas.  I love to peal peanuts while watching tv and always end up sharing with Benji.   Although he wants to peal his own peanuts, I always end up giving him small pieces of mine.  It’s messy but its fun.  He also loves yoghurt and for some reason is crazy about chocolate milk.

I love him very much, he’s truly bringing me a lot of joy and I hope I’m bringing joy in his life as well.  He loves jumping on the keyboard and has even succeeded pressing the off button on my computer.  They very curious creatures who will explore everything there is there explore around them.  I can see we’ll have to put locks on some of our drawers soon because he’s trying to open some of them already and he’s only 4 months old.

Diapering has become very easy but bathing not so much.  I stopped bathing Benji because he truly freaks out and just use a washrag to clean him up when necessary.

I added a lot of branches to his monkey room but he doesn’t seem to care about his room yet.  When we put him in his monkey room he just sits on his blanket and waits for us.  We hardly ever put him in his monkey room yet so that might be the reason why he’s a bit uncomfortable there.

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