Life of Benji – One week at home

We’ve had Benji for several days now.  The first few days he would just lie in my arms and cuddle but now he’s definitely started to become much more active.  While he is still very attached to me and my wife, he isn’t as scared to jump from my chair to the couch and back.  He won’t do it often yet but … he is started to explore a bit more.

He’s also very interested in Twister.  Twister is one of the 3 legged cats we rescued several years ago and is and always has been very attached to me.  Benji really likes to cuddle with Twister but Twister isn’t so sure she truly likes this. We’ll see how this turns out; hopefully they’ll get along just fine.

Today Benji ate the egg whites of a hard boiled egg, 2 peas, a piece of potato, and some mango for the first time.  Over the last few days he has already been eating apple and carrots.  It’s good to see he likes solids but we’re still giving him a bottle every 6 hours.

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