I set my alarm clock so I would wake up 15 minutes earlier.  These extra 15 minutes should allow me to make him a bottle, cut up some fruit, and change his diaper.  I also have to feed our raccoon who still likes to get a tray of kitten milk with cereal but I have already been doing that for months so that doesn’t require any additional time.  I’m one of those people who hates to get up early so everything is very much calculate in the morning so I can sleep as long as possible.  Everything didn’t go as smoothly as I was hoping for.  Changing the diaper was a major challenge so I left a few minutes late.  I decided to drive a little faster than normal which made sure still arrived at work in time.  I was so surprised when I walked towards my office.

My colleges at work actually decorated my office and organized a monkey shower.  Yes I didn’t know those existed but apparently they do!

I receive 2 nice cards, a bunch of candy, an amazing monkey cake, some cupcakes and several very neat monkey toys for me and Benji.  What a very nice surprise this was.  People all over the office congratulated me with our new baby which was a bit strange to me but nevertheless nice.  On my drive home I was started to get very nervous.  I started to wonder whether we made the right decision or not.  Buying a capuchin isn’t something you take lightly.  Was it wise to change our mind at the last minute?  Sure I always wanted a capuchin but they’re definitely a lot bigger than marmosets and was I going to be able to handle him once he gets older?

Once home with Benji in my arms I definitely felt better.  He’s such a cutie.  I was still very worried but one thing I knew for sure … I really loved this little fellow.

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