Life of Benji – First Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving and Benji just fell asleep in my lap.  Benji has definitely become way more active around the house in comparison to a month ago.  He’s still very clingy when I first come home from work but during the day when he’s spending time with my wife or when we’re watching TV together later on in the evening, Benji always loves to run around the house.    Yes, he basically gets into everything so we constantly have to keep an eye on him.  One of his favorite games is to kick everything off the living room table.  Once everything is on the ground, he seems happy.  I wonder if that is a habit that we’ll be able to break.

He also is starting to get more active in his monkey room but he’s still not all that crazy about it.  I’m planning on asking monkey stuff for my Christmas presents like a little mattress so that will hopefully make his room more fun.

Yesterday we went to the vet for the second time (first time was 2 weeks after we got him for a regular check-up).  Benji has been sneezing a lot and since he sometimes bleeds a little bit out of his nose, I felt it was time to go to the vet.  The vet couldn’t really find anything wrong with Benji so I’m assuming that the sneezing is either from the dry air or because he’s allergic to something.  It’s very common for younger primates to sneeze because of dry air and since we’re using space heaters here and there to get the temperature up in certain rooms for Benji, that is the most likely reason that he’s sneezing.  I’m planning on going to the store tomorrow to get 2 humidifiers which will hopefully alleviate the issue.

Yesterday some new monkey treats arrived by mail for Benji.  Besides the regular Zupreem Primate Dry which is important for all primates, we’ve also got him very berry treats, some supreme chocolate treats and some fruit treats.  All these treats contain vitamin D3 which is the main reason why I purchased them.  Vitamin D3 is crucial for primates especially when they don’t receive direct sunlight.  Without direct sunlight or Vitamin D3, your primate will most likely end up with bone structure problems.  Anyway, these treats are made by Bio-Serve or can easily be purchased on the web.

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