By Mary Lynn Campbell

traveling with monkeys
Traveled to Ohio for a 4th of July Event

Once again on the Safety-First posting for Primate Care we are discussing an issue that I just happen to have 26 years of experience in doing. Yes, I have been traveling with monkeys now for over twenty-six years. We have traveled together in every type of vehicle and weather condition. Silly Willy, who is the star of the series of “Living With Monkeys” books was even taken on a boat trip!

By now, if you are a regular reader of these postings you know that I am a list maker and a user of these lists. This was taught to me by my mother years ago. These lists have proven to be the very best way for me to be prepared and get things done in my life as a wife, a monkey caregiver and the owner of two small businesses. So here we go.