For marmosets, bushbabies, and taramins, you can simply go to the pet store and purchase a ferret hammock. For larger primates you have the option to purchase custom build primate hammocks online or you can have the option to make your own hammock.  Here we’ll explain how you can make your own primate hammock which requires no sewing.

To make a no sew monkey hammock, you’ll need the following:

  • a beach towel
  • four 1 1/2 inch metal split key rings
  • four rope clamps (typicall come in bags of 2)
  • four double snap locks

Insert each corners of the beach towel through a metal rings and put a knot in them.  To keep these knots in place, fasten them by using rope clamps.  Use the double snap locks to attach the rings to your cage.

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