While doing research for my article on primate enrichment, I found out that some monkey owners hang horse hay bags up in the enclosure of their monkeys so today I went to our local farm store (Farmking) to pick one up.  I was pleasantly suprised to find out that they only cost about $11. They’re made with poly pvc coated nylon which makes these bags very sturdy and easy to wash.


By Ivan Crab

Primates breeders and primate institutes recognize the fact that profitable breeding depends upon primate health.  The observance of a few common sense rules will contribute to maintaining a favorable status.

The primate keeper is the key in maintaining the health of an animal.

Since primates are subject to many of the same diseases as humans, the premises should be isolated as much as possible.

The cages should be well constructed to give indoor and outdoor possibilities and to lend themselves to daily clean-up and disinfecting.  The cages should be suitable for rotation in case of diseases.

The summation of diagnoses over a period of time will inform the primate owner as to the principal troubles; by making daily observations on the health and care conditions; by keeping records.


For marmosets, bushbabies, and taramins, you can simply go to the pet store and purchase a ferret hammock. For larger primates you have the option to purchase custom build primate hammocks online or you can have the option to make your own hammock.  Here we’ll explain how you can make your own primate hammock which requires no sewing.