By Sherry Freeman

When we first go into Sammy’s room, she stands with her back to me and holds onto the door to her cage while I take her belt and diaper off.

I have pulled the diaper off and I am closing it up. Sammy takes this time to stretch. 🙂

As I cut the clean diaper, Sammy lays in the floor and scratches herself. Notice how I keep her tail between my knees the whole time.

When I cut the diaper, I don’t cut a piece out….I just fold the diaper long ways and cut a slit across about an inch down from the printed part of the diaper. Then I tell Sammy to stand and thread it on her tail with the printed side facing me.

Pull the diaper up and straighten.

Putting the tabs in place.

Now, I am choosing what shorts she will wear. Notice that her tail is still between my knees.

I always start with her left leg. I say, this leg and other leg. She does really well with this now!

Shorts are up and now I am getting her belt.

Sammy’s belt is on and I am telling her to go look out the window while I bag up her dirty diaper. Sammy is eager to go to the playroom once I am finished. We just started walking down the hall holding hands to the playroom instead of me carrying her!!

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