By Anita

Pookie, my 5 yr old Java Macaque and Alex our 31/2 yr old Spider like to liven up our weekends for us.

I suppose it was Alex’s turn to start and he had spent a good deal of his time Saturday swingin on his swing. Later I go in to see them and what did I find but half of my clothes in the floor of his cage! He had managed to bang a hole in the wall inside of his cage and one in the wall of our closet. When he got tired of swinging he decided to pull my clothes through the holes and lined the whole floor of his cage with them!

Sunday was Pookie’s turn. Pookie is our little escape artist and could put Houdini to shame. My husband and myself were enjoying a rented movie on TV when I heard a door knob being turned. I told my hubby that either Alex or Pookie must have managed to escape. Sure enough it was my little guy, Pookie. We checked out his cage and it was still padlocked and in one piece. They mystery was solved right after I put Pookie to bed. I had my husband cut just 1 bar out above the food bowls on his and Alex’s cage door in order to make it easier place food in their bowls. This hole is just big enough for me to put my fist through, yet Pookie demonstrated for me how he could put his head and then shoulders through..”then like magic, Mom..I’m out!”

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