By Walt

I had taken the day off from work the day that we planned to do the work on Scotty’s teeth and the doctor who was doing the work had closed their office to be sure that they would have plenty of time with no interruptions to finish the work. Their were 4 people working on Scotty for 4 hours. I had to put him down before I ever left home with him. He would have never allowed someone other than myself to give him the shot he had to have. He was soooo funny. I gave him the drugs and he was drunk in just a few minutes. He came outside and staggered to the car getting in his seat. I placed theseatbelt on him and to the doctors office we went. I pulled up next to some police officers who freaked out when they saw Scotty, they looked again and then raced up to make sure they were not seeing things. Scotty was obviously drugged and they could tell it.

Upon arrival the Dr. had me take Scotty in and then asked that it might be better if I waited in the waiting room. I said sure just let me know if they needed any help. Well, in the middle of the surgery Scotty’s heart rate slowed and they reduce the amount of gas that was keeping him down. Well, he started to wake up and they decided that it would be better for me to be in the operating room. I went in and everyone else but the Dr. left. Scotty went on back out while I held him and the Dr. and her helpers finished their work. Scotty came home with no signs of pain, but, I had shots for pain that I gave him just to make sure. He never acted as if he was ever in pain during or at anytime since the surgery. I really feel lucky to have a very loving and caring Dr. who really saw to all of Scotty’s needs.

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