By Walt

When Scotty was about 2 year I had an occasion to take him with me to a construction company in order to work out some plans on some new enclosures. As usually Scotty was the center of attention. He came into the building and went around to all the employees to see what they were doing. He soon found a hard hat and put it on. The hat came down over his eyes and he was unable to see where he was going but he would not remove the hat. After he had run into several pieces of furniture and wall, he started walking erect with his hands out in front of him feeling for and obstacles that might be in his way. The entire office staff was laughing which only encouraged Scotty.

The owner of the company set Scotty up at a desk with the name plate of the president of a competing construction company and took several pictures to go in a local publication which went out to all organizations within our area dealing with construction. The president of the other company even thought it was a neat idea, he actually got a lot of free publicity out of it.

The idea of the hat lead me to an idea to video Scotty with a hard hat on walking around like a blind man. Scotty took it a step future. He would put the hat on and then place his head on the driveway and run down the driveway sometimes getting a head of himself and flipping over the hat. I got the idea of setting up bowling pins in the driveway and it only took Scotty a few runs to figure he could knock the pins down with his head. Scotty became the first live monkey bowling ball.

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