By Donna Dozier

I’ve had Jessica since she was 11 days old. She just had her third birthday March 1. She is wonderful. She has her own bedroom. She also has an indoor-outdoor enclosure that she spends her day in. They are actually two large chain link dog runs, one inside and one outside with a doggie or (monkey) door in the middle. For her birthday, I got her another 6 foot run to attach to her outside cage.

She has toys everywhere! She also has a swing, sandbox, and a pool in the summer. She comes in the house in the evening. We rock, she takes her bottle and grooms me. Then she falls asleep in my arms until it’s time to go to bed. I took her on vacation with me last year. She was the center of attention where ever we went. She is such a good girl. I’ve had her tested, and she is disease-free!!!


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