By Mary Lynn Campbell


In this posting about “Safety First” we are once again talking about a topic that has a lot of emotional charge to it. There have been many times in my life that I have picked up the phone, or gone on line and read on Facebook that a monkey has gotten away. So let’s get started with some important information that could be very helpful for you or someone who you know that has a monkey that has gotten away.

I would like to think that because of my experience with this issue that this is one reason I have always been successful with getting a monkey back when it has gotten away. However, I know that it is not always the case with many people that I know.

There have been stories of monkeys getting out and being run over by cars on city streets and then others have been killed by dogs. There have been stories of people who have chased after monkeys for several days with them scampering away just as they were about to be caught. I even know a story of someone that got a call about their monkey being found and returned after 6 months.

Many of the above stories were in subdivisions, country settings, apartments and even some have been in the tropical forest and heavy vegetation around Florida. Monkey escapes can happen in all different types of living areas or types of accommodations that we are keeping our monkeys in. I think that it might be the best thing to start this “Safety First” subject by asking yourself some very important questions.