Primate Activity Cube

While  making changes to the environment in which your primate(s) is spending most of their time at is very important to keep them intrigued, introducing new toys is just another way of preventing boredom.   Many of the items we introduce to our capuchin are sure to keep him busy for a while and allow him to really go to town.   Amongst the items we like to introduce weekly are carton boxes, magazines, or paper bags – all items that are available at no cost.

Every other week we like to buy a new item to add to the collection of primate toys.  One of his true favorites are plush animals which he really likes to carry around.   We often shop in the baby/toddler sections of the store or for a dog toy since those are typically more sturdy toys that can handle those sharp teeth.    If it is a battery operated toy, it is crucial that the battery area is secured with a screw.   It is especially important with baby toys to keep an eye on your primate since they’re really great at taking things apart.

During our last shopping trip at Target, we were once again trying to find another great enrichment toy for our monkey.     More on this with several pictures after the break!

When we shopped around in the toddler area at Target, we found this amazing enrichment toy which I wanted to share with all of you.  It’s called B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube.

Every side of the cube has a different activity for your toddler (or primate) to explore.   On top it has loopty-loo routes for you and your primate to wind beads through.  It also has zig-zag paths to race farm animals through.   One of the sides features functional doors with a a different animal behind them.  Another side features a lot of horizontal spinners, another side has 6 vertical spinners and the last side has zig-zag paths that go up and down to race your favorite animal through.

This is a perfect monkey see monkey do game!

The cost?  We paid $59 for this toy at the Target store.  It’s not cheap but it’s well worth the price.



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