Build your own Trapeze Monkey Swing

Primate Trapeze Swing Materials

I’m always looking for new ideas related to primate enrichment and was pretty excited when I bumped into a trapeze monkey swing that David created for Sammy, his capuchin.  All materials (including the trapeze styled pvc pipe) were purchase at home depot.  The total project cost was around $9 (cost of chain not included).  Chain itself was around $12 but since he only used about 10% of the total chain link, the actual cost of the chain for this project would be around $1-$2.   Once you have all the materials it’s a 10 minute project so let’s get started!

Materials used in this project: pvc pipe, 2 pipe caps, 2 eye bolts (with nuts), 2 links, 2 washers, and pipe glue.

Step 1: drill a hole in both pipe caps
Step 2: put a washer at the inside of the cap and lock in place with bolt nut (lock nuts preferred)
Step 3: use pipe glue to glue caps on to the pipe
Step 4: use 2 metal links to attach the chain link to the eye bolt

Below is a picture of the finished product!

Monkey Swing

Thanks Dave for pictures and info!

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