If you have a pet primate or you’re considering buying a pet primate, the Complete Guide To Care & Behavior is truly a must in your collection. This book is published by Monkey Matters and contains over 1000 pages of valuable information on primate care. One other book I would also recommend is the Primate Care Handbook which was published by the Simian Society of America. Unfortunately that book is no longer in print but you can still find it on Amazon.com or Ebay.com from time to time.

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  • Over 1,000 pages of illustrated information.
  • Color photo covers and 10 color photo pages inside!
  • Over 2000 black and white illustrations & photographs!
  • Includes the Monkey Matters caretaker evaluation chart (rate yourself as a potential monkey caretaker!)
  • Has detailed chapter contents and an index for easy referencing!
  • Includes vital NEW information on formulas for infants.
  • Includes chapters on understanding and coping with problem behaviors.
  • New information on the effects of diet on hormonal imbalance, irritability & depression.
  • Enrichment through good nutrition: Recipes for pregnant, nursing and pet monkeys.
  • Thoroughly researched descriptions of species behaviors, including helpful illustrations.
  • A thorough guide to primate enrichment.
  • A complete chapter on social enrichment.
  • Product information! Sanctuary information! Additional reading information!
  • Unique and inspirational housing designs for indoors and out, plus planted enclosures!

Two Volume Set

Volume I Contents

  • Introduction – Pet Monkeys A Reality Check, Caretaker Evaluation Chart
  • Chapter 1 – Guidelines For Buying & Transporting A Monkey, Guidelines For Buying, Guidelines For Transporting
  • Chapter 2 – Choosing The Right Species For You, An Overview
  • Chapter 3 – Creating A Happy Environment
  • Chapter 4 – A Monkey In Your House
  • Chapter 5 – Life Stages, From Infancy to Breeding, Breeding
  • Chapter 6 – Infant Care & Development
  • Chapter 7 – Diet & Exercise, Exercise: Born To Move!
  • Chapter 8 – Ailments And Your Monkey’s Health, Emergency Procedures
  • Chapter 9 – Capture And Veterinary Restraint, Run-Away Monkeys
  • Chapter 10 – Overview On Zoonotic Disease and Parasites, Disease Charts
  • Chapter 11 – Socialization, Communication & Instinctive Behavior
  • Chapter 12 – New World Monkeys: An Overview, Marmoset Overview, Pygmy Marmoset, Black Tufted-Eared Marmoset, Common Marmoset, Red Handed Tamarin, Saddleback Tamarin, Owl Monkey, Squirrel Monkey Overview, Common Squirrel Monkey, Capuchin Overview, White-Faced Capuchin, Black-Capped Capuchin, Wedge-Capped Capuchin, Cinnamon Capuchin, Spider Monkey Overview, White-Bellied Spider Monkey, Black-Handed Spider Monkey, Color Plates: New World Monkeys

Volume II Contents

  • Chapter 13 – Old World Monkeys, Habitat Chart, Prosimians An Overview, Lesser Bushbabies, Garnett’s Greater Bushbaby, Pottos, Lemurs An Overview, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Brown Lemurs, Old World Monkeys An Overview, Guenons & Guenon-Like Monkeys An Overview, Spot-nosed Guenons An Overview, Lesser Spot-Nosed Guenons, Red-Tailed Guenons, Vervet Identification Chart, Vervets, Patas Monkeys, De Brazza Guenons, Mona Guenons, Blue or Syke’s Guenons, Macaques An Overview, Rhesus Macaques, Pig-Tail Macaques, Java Macaques, Japanese Snow Macaques, Celebes Black Crested Macaques, Hamadryas Baboons, Color Plates: Old World Monkeys
  • Chapter 14 – Successful Housing, What Is A Complex Environment?, Duplex Housing For Pairs, Indoor Housing With A Floor Drain, An Indoor Walk-In, Sleep-In Cage, An Indoor Cage For Unhandleable Monkeys, Success With Planted Enclosures
  • Chapter 15 – The Human-Nonhuman Primate RelationshipWorking With Aggression
  • Chapter 16 – Behavior Shaping & Monkeys Bridging Stimulus
  • Chapter 17 – More On Tricks & Training
  • Chapter 18 – The Habitual Biter
  • Chapter 19 – Working With The Older Monkey
  • Chapter 20 – Needed Enrichment: Social Opportunity
  • Chapter 21 – Enriching Captive Life
  • Chapter 22 – Sanctuaries: Behind The Scenes, The “No-Cash” Plan: Donate Goods And Services Only
  • Chapter 23 – In Conclusion, Grief: The Pain Of Loss, How You Can Contribute, Primate Placement Service, How To Order
  • Suggested Reading
  • General Subject Index

Price:$149.99 (+ $15 shipping – USA Only) – Buy Now
(Orders are processed and shipped by Monkey Matters)

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