Primate Recipes

Monkey owners from all over the world have submitted recipes to us that are enjoyed by their primates.  If you have a recipe you would like to share with us, don’t hesite to contact us!

Cereal Balls – by Johan Mommens

I got this recipe from one of the largest zoos in Belgium. They give these cereal balls to all their monkeys while I feed them to my marmosets. They all love it and it’s very healthy so make sure to try it with your monkeys as well.

Baby milk (powder)
Baby cereal
Protein powder

Mix the baby milk with cooked water and add the protein powder and baby cereal to it.

Formula Mixture

one banana smashed well
1/2 cup wheat and apple baby cereal
14 oz of vitamite milk for lactose intolerate people
mix and serve

Monk Chow Formula – by Sue Druan

6-7 oz water
3 scoops infant formula
1 jar strained baby veggies or fruits (I alternate)
5 monk chow biscuits

in blender put 4oz water & monk biscuits, blend until biscuits are totally chopped..add formula and babyfood and water until desired texture for bottle. Even very fussy eaters will usually take this, and it gets monk chow into them also. Makes 8-9oz…throw out any left after 3 days.

Peanut Butter Tips – by Beth Granger

I personally do not own a primate but my experience with the animals was something for me to remember ….

Some of the things that I was able to do with the animals for enrichment was:

I cut waterhoses up into about 8 inch long pieces, piped them full of peanut butter, placed them in the freezer and then stuck a stick in there when i was getting ready to give it to the animals and they would each go about getting the peanut butter out in different ways but the stick was to simulate what tool they used in a natural setting to get out termites/ants … etc … they had the best time working with that treat ….

Then i cut down banana leaves and spread peanut butter on them and sprinkled it with raisins and rolled them up like a big eggroll and gave them to the animals.

Bananas and more – by Kristen Key

One of the enrichments we’ve used included banana skins, and they are safe for macaques, don’t know about capuchins or spiders, or any others. take a banana, skin it, if you can just split the skin, that’s the best, split it lengthwise, then stuff it full of things, mixed fruits, cereals in substance, then freeze ’em!!!

You can roll the banana in granola and freeze it too, works great forforaging stimulation. Also, take a paper bag, mix some cereal with some honey, or jam, or pnut butter, and pack the bottom of the bag, sack lunch!

Simian Silk Pie – by Kenneth

1 small can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 cup Bananas
1 cup Apples
1 cup Froot Loops Cereal
1 bag Kraft large marshmallows
2 sticks butter
1 Ready-Made Pie Crust

Melt butter & marshmallows in large mixing bowl, like you would for Krispy Treats. Pour in sweetened condensed milk and mix in bananas, apples, and Froot Loops. Pour all ingredients into pie crust. Slightly chill in refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Cut into small slices (Not too big or monkeys will get VERY hyper!!) and feed as a delicious summer treat.

Chunky Monkey Cookies – by Kenneth

3 cups Froot Loops cereal (my monkey’s love it)
2 packets Powdered Milk
1 Tsp Butter

Soften Butter in microwave. Stir in honey, powdered milk and then crushed Froot Loops. Shape into balls and feed sparingly as treats for good behavior. My monkeys practically do head stands for these!!!

Send us your primate recipes so we can share them with primate owners around the world!

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