The wild ruffed lemurs are primarily frugivorous, but they also eat flowers, leaves and other vegetables.

A varied diet is very important to avoid boredom and loss of appetite.

Fresh water every day at all times.

Give your monkey commercial primate diet supplemented with:

  • fresh leaves and branches (Hibiscus, Eugenia and Syzygium)
  • fresh vegetables like carrots, cellery and spinach
  • cooked vegetables like green beans
  • hard boiled eggs
  • sweet potato
  • fresh fruit like mango and apple
  • Vitamin supplements

“Tracy Williams takes care of most of the African animals at their zoo, but she is specialized in primates. Her favorites are the lemurs. They found out that a wrong diet with to much iron leads to a disease called Hemosiderosis.” Hemosiderosis – by Tracy Williams

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