Newborn :

Normally born with eyes open.

Head and body : 60-80mm, weight : 30g

Body covered with fine gray hair, tail with dark and  grayish bands.

Ear tufts absent.

2d Week :

Able to crawl unsupported

3d Week :

Starts to take some solid food from parents

4th Week :

Leave parents from time to time.

5th Week :

Lap liquids.

6th Week :

Head and body : 120 – 50 mm, weight : 70g

Milk dentition complete

If necessary they can survive on solid food and milk substitutes

7th Week :

Weight : 80g

8th Week :

Head and body : 140-70mm – weight : 91g

9th Week :

Weight : 97 g

10th Week:

Weight: 103 g

11th Week:

Small ear tufts become visible (dark gray).

Weight : 105 g

12th Week :

Independent of parental care.

14th Week :

Ear tufts becoming silvery.

Suckling ended.

17th Week :

Weight : 137 g

20th Week :

No longer on adult back.

22th Week :

Weight : 166 g

28th Week :

White ear tufts

Weight : 174 g

60th Week :

Full sexual maturity reached.

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