Macaques are omnivorous. Their diet includes fruit, berries, seeds, leaves, flowers, grass, herbs, shrubs, crops, insects, eggs, birds and rodents.

Recommended diet for macaque should consist of:

2-5% Hi Protein Treats
5-10% Foraging Foods (leaves, plants, stems and foraging foods)
15-20% Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
75-80% Commercial Old World Primate Diet

A varied diet is very important to avoid boredom and loss of appetite.

Fresh water every day at all times.

Give your monkeys commercial primate diet supplemented with :

  • fresh fruit like apple, banana, pear, orange, mango, …
  • fresh vegetables like carrots, tomato, cucumber, corn, onion,…
  • cooked vegetables like potato
  • apple sauce
  • peanuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • brown bread
  • insects like grasshoppers and mealworms
  • Vitamin supplements

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