General Information

Distribution : Forests in Central and South America. They live in trees (arboreal) and descend to the ground only to drink.

Social groups : Social groups with 10 to 30 individuals lead by one alpha or dominant male. Tufted groups are generally smaller : 5 to 15 individuals. Tufted females will always try to mate with the alpha male, but non-Tufted females will mate with any male within the group. Tufted capuchins are not very  territorial but non-tufted capuchins are rather aggressive to other troops.

Lifespan : 35-45 years

Length :

Head + Body : 12-22 inches (30-55 cm)
Tail : 12-22 inches (30-56 cm)

Weight :

4-15 pounds (1.8-6.8kg).
Females are usually smaller than males.

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