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How are we Monkey Families Coping?

May 22nd, 2020

By Mary Lynn Campbell

capuchin monkey hugs

Welcome to the Primate Care Site once again. This is such a great question for us families who are not only living during such trying times with our family members, but who are also living with monkeys. I hope some of the following thoughts might help many of you cope a little easier with the issues of stress.

If someone were to send us a multiple answer questionnaire about how we are coping with the levels of stress we are living under, I believe most of us would need to mark many of the questions with the answer of high or medium. One moment I am doing great living the stay at home lifestyle and then I will see an update of the number of virus cases that have increased in the last week or maybe I have opened up Facebook and in my scrolling I come across a headline that says, “Women Receives Flowers From A Florist Delivery Person And Gets The Covid-19 Virus.”

It is almost addicting at times the way we seem to read one story after another about what people are experiencing with this virus. It is one thing for us to stay current on things that are happening in our world but it is quite another thing when we begin to feel pulled into not being balanced with what we are reading about. On the other hand, I wonder what the real truth is anymore when I do start to listen or read anything lately. Since I have begun to feel this way I today am making a new rule that I am going to add to my already huge list of rules. I am choosing to start limiting the time I spend reading and listening to things about the virus.

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Housing a Single Monkey

May 15th, 2020

By Mary Lynn Campbell
lisa and opie capuchin
Lisa Covington With Her Monkey “Tiki”

This is a post that I have wanted to write about for a very long time. My pathway with living with monkeys has been different from many others. Therefore, I have actually very limited experience with living with only one of them. My first monkey was only with me for 6 short months prior to receiving my second one.

After receiving my first monkey named Penny, I started acquiring monkeys, one, two, three, four, five, etc. I suppose it was meant to become another part of my journey with having them. I can truly say that this was not at all what I planned to do, but they started coming. Now I certainly can see how important it was for me to learn from having several monkeys in my life and being able to share my life experiences. My mission definitely evolved into a deep need to understand these special creatures that God had sent into my life.

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